Tea Etiquette, from the present time to yesteryears

The most appropriate time to drink tea in today’s society is:

-For breakfast.
-On the go.
-At lunch.
-At Brunch (informal Sunday afternoon reception).
-At the end of dinner.
-After dinner.
-At tea receptions.
-At tea party
-At the hotel
-When hosting guests from tea drinking countries.
-At the banquet.
-During a business conversation or negotiation.
-At the buffet table.
-At the business, festive and informal receptions.
-When have unexpected guests.
-As a corporate beverage
-In carrying out tee-breaks and coffee breaks.
-In small teashops.
-At the picnic.
-In any kind of catering establishments.
-As a "supplement" to the brandy.
-On baby shower or bride shower.
-In the case of hangouts.

Let see how it was according to Hsu Tzu Shu who lived in the XV century.

Times for Tea
By Hsu Tzu Shu 

-In idle passing
-When poetry fails to inspire
-Thoughts confused
-In time to a song
-When the music is finished
-A life in seclusion
-Enjoying the scholarly life
-Conversing late at night
-Studying on a sunny day
-In the bridal chamber
-In honor of favored guests
-As host to scholars or pretty girls
-Friends return from far away
-In perfect weather
-When skies are overcast
-Watching boats sail by on the canal
-Amidst trees and bamboo groves
-When the flowers blossom and the birds sing
-On hot days by the side of a lotus pond
-Burning incense in the courtyard
-After tipsy guests have retired
-When the children are out
-On visits to remote temples
-Near a spring or scenic landscape

Noticed how things have changed? When and how do you find time to drink tea?

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