Green Tea for enthusiasts of exquisite feelings

"Tea is our everything."
(Confucius, in a private conversation).

If we collect the leaves from bushes or trees of Camellia Sinensis and dry them (in the sun, in the shade, on a hot stone...), we'll get green tea. There are thousands of ways to collect, roll, dry, wither but the essence of the result remains the same - green tea. One has to spend a whole life away from civilization in order not to be aware of the beneficial properties of green tea, tons of material written about it. But green tea also has a delightful personality and deep meaning. Tea means harmony, calm, etiquette, and optimism.
Green tea is like a beautiful woman, it is lighter, softer, deeper, more mysterious than black tea, which is dark, astringent, tart and explodes with all its force in the first brew, like Cassius Clay in the first round. The aroma of green tea is delicate, long-lasting, unfolding carefully, deeply in multiple brews.

Green tea is not only a drink, but also a pleasantly fragrant atmosphere throughout the tea drinking ceremony. Try to rinse dry green tea leaves with hot water. Just a minute later, when the tea will absorb moisture and begin to exude the fragrance ... inhale it. Whoever has not tried this before, will find this experience unforgettable! There are aesthetes who claim that this knowledge is very important to human development.

Women naturally love and appreciate a gallery of scents more than men, therefore they fall in love with green tea indefinitely for its delightful fragrance. Green tea is exquisite, do not expect overwhelming taste, penetrating into the charms of green tea takes time. Do not be surprised if soon after your acquaintance with green tea, you'll notice that you eat less greasy foods or smoke less - green tea refines the taste, exacerbates it, opens a door to a healthy lifestyle.

To steep a perfect brew, in addition to the delightful kingdom of the aroma, always use good quality water of with the correct temperature.Never use boiling water, delicate green teas unfold the best in temp of 176 F. It will take 2 to 3 minutes to brew an excellent cup of green tea. The second brew is a copy of the first! Don't rush, green tea does not tolerate fuss. And so, gradually making the water a little hotter, and steeping time a little longer, so green tea can be brewed a several times, each time its taste and flavor will change and deepen ...

Do not oversteep green tea, its color should never be darker than the light golden, with a slight green tint. The best way to serve green tea is in white bone china or porcelain, where the shades of its color are emphasized, or celadon, which is "native" to green tea and where green tea looks exceptionally beautiful.

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