About Us

We are purveyors of over 160 high quality specialty teas and tisanes. This blog was created in December, 2009 to inform people all across to world, solely about all of the great benefits of tea and its rich history. Out content is supplied by guest bloggers post from either our internal experts or within the industry.  Some of the content will consist of tea trends and current giveaway post from our team of experts.

ESP Emporium Tea Team

Steve Popec
He is our one of our co-founders and is a primary person contributing to blog post. Steve likes to get into the trench daily with all day to day actives,  a work nut. Thanks goodness for all of the energy he gets from drinking tea.

Elena Popec
She is also our co-founder and avoid tea drinker. Being that she is native Russian, tea is naturally instilled into her culture, therefore, she loves to broadcast her views about the benefits of tea in each post.  Like Steve, a workaholic, always out in the social environment trying to teach people that there are alternatives  for assisting people to live a better quality of life.

Chris aka ESP Tea Lover
Chris is a unique individual that’s tea crazy. The facts and figures that Chris produces is absolutely amazing. We have come to the conclusion that Chris has a hidden IV with tea dripping 24 hours a day. Chris has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and insights.

Sometimes they drop by to share current giveaways and to teach about other ways to find tea via Shop Tab. Many times, they collaborate as a team to produce some wonderful post.