500 Reasons To Drink Tea

1) Tea is a great source of antioxidant polyphenols, which, according to numerous studies, can reduce cancer risk.

2) Tea, specifically green tea, can work as effectively as aspirin to ward off blood clots.

3) Green tea has shown that it lowers LDL cholesterol levels for people that drink four cups a day.

4) Decreases blood pressure, which lowers a person’s risk of heart disease by improving the blood vessels by 50%.

5) Tea also contains fluoride, a key component in teeth protection.

6) Studies show that tea inhibits the growth of plaque-causing bacteria.

7) Tea reduces bacteria’s ability to adhere to teeth, and can stop some bacteria from producing harmful acids.

8) Studies have showed that green tea can raise a person’s metabolic rate by approximately 4%.

9) Green tea also has a noticeable effect on fat oxidation, which is the rate at which the body processes fats.

10) Drinking tea may cut your risk of mental impairment, such as dementia, in half due to the caffeine content.

11) Tea has been shown to temporarily improve short-term memory and reduce developing Parkinson’s disease.

12) Certain amino acids found in tea can improve alertness and focus.

13) Studies have showed that drinking black tea can lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

14) Green tea can also help improve your mood by controlling blood sugar levels.

15) Drinking Rooibos or herbal teas, can help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

16) Green tea is an excellent fat burner. It has significant antioxidant activity to support weight loss.

17) Antioxidants in tea combat the cell-damaging free radicals, which are leading cause to cell and tissue injury.

18) EGCG is one of the most abundant ingredients in tea that has therapeutic properties for many disorders.

19) Tea, in many cultures, is a focal point for social gatherings and events, such as afternoon tea, tea party and tea ceremonies.

20) Tea is the most popular drink in the world, its consumption equals all other beverages put together.

21) Tea is refreshing, mildly stimulating, and produces a feeling of well-being.

22) Tea elevates mood, decreases fatigue and increases capacity for work.

23) Tea is not only loved for its taste but also for its well-known positive effects on the mind and body.

24) Tea is light in the cup, but is of an unforgettable freshness.

25) Fruit tea is healthy, delicious, a cheap alternative to soft drinks and is available in many flavors.

26) Mate naturally suppresses feelings of hunger and thirst, which makes it great for weight reduction.

27) Studies have shown that just 2 cups of tea may lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 46 percent in women.

28) Drinking tea regularly will preserve your beauty and well-being.

29) Herbal tea healing infusions maintain overall tonus, relax or boost the spirits.

30) Green tea is excellent for pursuers of a healthy lifestyle and prefer a delicate experience.

31) Tea is known to inhibit proteins which are closely associated with tumor growth and metastasis.

32) Tea is tasty, original, spectacular, healthy and convenient beverage.

33) Tea can invigorate, relax and lower heighten blood pressure.

34) Tea can improve digestion and the functioning of intestines, while decreasing your appetite.

35) Tea can warm up, make you feel comfortable, refresh and stimulate brain work.

36) Teas are rich in catechins, extremely effective fighting free radicals.

37) Tea can be used cosmetically and as part of SPA-procedures (tea baths, tea masks, tea compresses)

38) Tea can be used with liquors in cocktail, tea alleviates the unfavorable impact of alcohol.

39) Tea helps to cope with physical exercise and compensates for adverse factors of an active lifestyle.

40) Drinking two or more cups of tea per day may reduce risk of developing digestive issues by 60 percent.

41) People who drink tea regularly have a noticeably higher bone density than peers who don't drink tea.

42) Tea actually mimics the effects of estrogen, a hormone known to promote bone strength.

43) Tea can help slow bone loss as you age.

44) Another study showed that women who drank tea were 60% less likely to develop arthritis pain.

45) Drinking tea regularly can actually avoid getting the common cold and the flu virus.

46) Tea not only inhibited the growth of the influenza virus, but it actually kills the flu cells.

47) Unlike regular flu vaccinations, tea had an effect on multiple strains of the flu virus, not just one.

48) Tea helps hydrate your body, which directly leads to more glowing, healthy-looking skin.

49) Drinking tea acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

50) Consuming tea can help reduce redness and swelling from acne.

51) Tea also has anti-bacterial properties, which can kill the bacteria that are causing a acne breakout.

52) Japan conducted a study of over 40,000 people and found that regular tea drinkers had a longer lifespan.

53) Green tea is much healthier then soft drinks and has much more pronounced tonic properties.

54) Green tea is a unique phenomenon. Vitamin blend - C, E, B2, PP, and K - has a high biological activity.

55) Tea drinking gives skin a healthy look by ridding it of excessive dryness and increases the body’s defenses in general.

56) Consumption of tea shows significantly increased metabolic capacity for demanding physical activity.

57) People who drink 5 or more cups of green tea daily show great metabolic improvements.

58) Study showed that green tea tripled the breast cancer survival rate.

59) Oolong and Green teas help speed calorie burning.

60) Green teas has a high content of vitamins and minerals.

61) Tea helps fight cancer, heart disease and regulate cholesterol.

62) Tea boosts the immune system.

63) Tea Suppresses the appetite and inhibits excess body fat.

64) Tea fights harmful bacteria and viruses.

65) Tea may help strengthen bones with fluoride and flavanoids.

66) Catechins in green tea may help reduce degradation of cartilage.

67) Flavored teas can be used as potpourri sachets; place around your house or in drawers.

68) By consuming 4-6 cups of tea daily may reduce the risk of gastric, esophageal and skin cancers.

69) Tisanes or herbal teas promote various health qualities such as relaxation and calming effects.

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