An App To Keep Track of Your Teas

How many teas are in your cupboard? I’ll bet you have more than a few. And why not? One of the greatest joys in drinking tea comes from discovering new teas and trying them for the first time. Maybe it’s a new herbal blend that you’ve never heard of, or perhaps it’s a fancy Oolong with a Chinese name that’s barely pronounceable. The world of tea keeps providing us with wonderful new experiences, and, like a childhood toy chest, our tea collection keep expanding.

Naturally, we want each of these teas to taste its absolute finest--not only for our own mental well being, but also to satisfy our friends and guests. The way we get each tea to taste its best is to make sure that we prepare them properly. For example, Dragonwell, a pan-fired Chinese tea, is typically prepared at around 85°, steeped for about four minutes: any hotter, and it tastes bitter; any longer, and it loses its sweetness. Japanese green teas, such as Sencha or Gyokuro, require even cooler water temperatures, and even shorter steep times, and can likewise taste not-so-great if prepared improperly. As we embark upon our tea journey, it can be extremely helpful to stay conscious of which teas need to be steeped for how long, and at what temperature, so that they can be enjoyed as the tea artisans in faraway lands intended them to taste.

Another important lesson in our tea journey is to carefully meditate on the rich and subtle flavors our teas provide us with. Does the Oolong come with subtle notes of apple and pear? The Pu-erh the scent of fresh morning pine? Stewed spinach in our Gyokuro? Meditating on the aroma and flavors of our teas builds our tasting vocabulary, which is extremely important for communicating and sharing our tea experiences with others. This kind of deep meditation also fine-tunes our minds and tongues to become more sensitive and aware of the nuances in what we drink, and, like with all things, we get better at it the more we practice. Improving your tasting skills can in itself vastly increase the enjoyment and sense of balance we get from our teas.

However, bringing it back to where we started, most of us have a cupboard full of teas, and it might be daunting to keep track of all of our tasting notes and brewing instructions in our heads. We might try to keep a notebook, but in our day and age, there ought to be a better, more automated solution.
As it happens, I myself wished for something like an iPhone app that I could have, conveniently, right in my pocket when I needed to brew a cup of tea. I couldn’t find anything out there that did what I wanted, so, with some great design help from Mac Tyler, I wrote one! The app is called Tea, and it keeps all of your tea tasting notes and brew settings organized. Tea also has a built in timer that is preset for each tea in your collection. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to track different brew settings and tasting notes, hopefully Tea can help you. It’s my way of giving back to the wonderful tea community that has, and continues to, touch so many lives by sharing the best drink on the planet.

--Sam Iglesias, @siglesias

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ESP Emporium Promotion Offers Facebook Fans a Chance to Win Specialty Teas, as Well As Future Loyalty Rewards Eligibility

New Promotion Encourages Customers to Become Fans of ESP Emporium on Facebook, Offers Fans a Chance to Win a Three-Month “Tea of the Month” Package

Chicago, IL – February 23, 2010ESP Emporium, purveyors of specialty and loose leaf teas have announced a new, limited time Facebook promotion that encourages friends and customers to join their social fan base.

Loose Leaf Tea

The promotion, which begins on March 1, 2010, offers Facebook users who become fans of ESP Emporium a chance to win a three-month membership to their very popular “Tea of the Month” club; each month, for three months, winners will receive 50 grams of two different varieties of specialty tea – (a total of 100 grams of tea).
“Tea is a very ‘social’ experience that is very much a part of North American cultures - much like the different types of social networks that have become so popular in recent years” said Steve Popec, co-owner of ESP Emporium. “Our customers must be noticing a trend at this point, with our Twitter promotion last month, and now an incentive to follow us on Facebook. We pride ourselves on offering specialty teas and products that reflect and complement the social aspects of our cultures, both internationally and within North America, and want to expand the social nature of our relationship with our customers”.

“Much of our decision to launch this promotion is based on the overwhelming interest we’ve seen in our ‘Send A Cup Of Tea’ application, which embraces the social elements of both Facebook and the variety of tea we offer, by allowing users to pass along a virtual cup of tea to their friends and family” said Popec. “Many of the promotions we’ll be running in the very near future will further involve Facebook, as it’s an easy way for us to reach out to our customers and fans, to foster the community that we feel our products have created”.

The Facebook Tea of the Month contest is limited to residents of the United States, and only the first 25,000 entrants/fans will be eligible. Current Facebook users who became “fans” of ESP Emporium’s Facebook page prior to the launch of the Tea of the Month contest will also be eligible to win. Winners will be drawn at random, each time a 5,000-fan milestone is reached. Once 25,000 entrants have become fans, monthly draws will be held until August, 31, 2010.

For more information about this announcement, please visit, or contact Steve Popec at 1-866-810-1818.


About ESP Emporium
ESP Emporium is a flourishing tea company offering an assortment of premium loose teas and tea-related accessories in the USA. Grown globally, their tea selection includes black teas, green teas, half fermented teas, flavored teas, fruit tea blends, Rooibos tea, herbal teas and more.
About the ‘Send a Cup of Tea’ Facebook Application
The ‘Send a Cup of Tea’ Application enables Facebook users to select from 30 different blends of tea, which virtually represent the loose tea and specialty teas offered by ESP Emporium, which can be sent to users listed on their (users) Facebook friends list.

Tea Merchants ESP Emporium Offer Their New Twitter Followers Loyalty Discounts

Loose tea merchants ESP Emporium are encouraging tea lovers to follow them on Twitter, by offering a five dollar incentive for users who sign up to receive their "tweets". The limited time promotion requires users to simply become a follower (, then claim their five dollar reward by visiting and entering their Twitter username. Followers will also be kept up to date on 'what's happening at ESPemporium, including new product offerings, prices and promotions.

Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB ) January 26, 2010 -- ESP Emporium, purveyors of specialty and loose leaf teas, recently announced a limited time promotion which promises customers a $5 online discount towards their next purchase, as an incentive for following them on popular social media site Twitter.

“We are very passionate about providing not only delicious, high quality teas, but also information and observations that our customers might find interesting and useful”, said Steve Popec, co-owner of ESP Emporium. “Having a true appreciation for tea as a beverage as well as an experience, we are always looking for ways to share our love of the different types and flavors of tea that we sell. Given how easy Twitter makes it to keep up with other peoples’ insights, we felt that this was a terrific way to engage our customers by sharing our expertise while making it very simple for them to contact us directly”.
“One of the beautiful things about tea is that in many ways it is a 'blending' of both taste and culture” said Popec. "Being able to share our thoughts on tea with our customers and hear their feedback about the different types of tea we sell, helps us to make sure that their experience is unique and fulfilling”.

As well as updates and insights, customers who follow ESP Emporium on Twitter will also have access to random rewards such as incentives, promotions and discounts towards future tea purchases.

For more information about this announcement, please visit, or contact Steve Popec at 1-866-810-1818

About ESP Emporium
ESP Emporium is a flourishing tea company offering an assortment of premium loose teas and tea-related accessories in the USA. Grown globally, their tea selection includes black teas, green teas, half fermented teas, flavored teas, fruit tea blends, Rooibos tea , herbal teas and more.