The Best Gift Is Loose Leaf Tea, No Doubts!

Coming up soon is the holiday season once again (and not the last time) raises a simple question: "What to gift?" The answer to this question will be repeatedly brought up a few times depending on amount of people one wants to impress. Think about it: relatives (present, past and future), the objects of passion, bosses, subordinates, colleagues and the beautiful stranger that can be met on the street.

I'm a tea fanatic, therefore in my extremely bias and subjective opinion - tea is the best holiday gift as well as everything that pertains to this blessed wonder of nature. Look at this pragmatically; the tea gifts are suitable for any occasion and almost anyone. Judge for yourself (hereinafter, the  phrase "tea gifts" will represent actually loose leaf tea, all products that accompany the preparation, storage and use)...

Tea is a perfect gift to someone that is not particularly close to you, but in relation to whom you want to be polite, prudent and thrifty at the same time. The tea gift performs this role excellently because, in any case, it will be applied and will not annoy with its uselessness. We all know what that means. The tea gift, on another hand, will emphasize an elegant taste of the gifter and generally will make an easy and pleasant impression of one. Such a gift can be presented to colleagues, including bosses and subordinates.

Tea is an extremely successful gift that will glorify the gift giver among others. In modern language, such gifts are called the “VIP-gifts”. Tea can be very expensive and rare, and the fact of getting such tea gifts automatically transforms the gift recipient in the category of connoisseurs, tea elite and even snobs that is now very fashionable and extraordinary cool.

Tea is a great gift for yourself and the loved one living under the same roof. The right set of words with a sincere voice trembling such as "Sweetheart, look what an exquisite tea of absolute rarity I found for you" will melt away any loving heart. Tea is a perfect gift for romantic moments and words like "imagine, we will enjoy it together" will be greatly appreciated. Don't forget to include a beautiful legend about the tea you are giving. Then you'll create unforgettable memories of the precious moments of drinking that tea together.

And finally, tea is a very qualitative surprise gift to a stranger someone met on the street and, possibly, will never see again. If he hands her a tin of tea saying: "Happy holidays", she'll stay surprised forever. And rightfully so... Note: This idea mostly pertains to romantic and single guys and is completely hypothetical. I just wanted to keep up your holiday spirit.

However, all of the above is just a fun theory. Now I would love to give you some tips regarding how to choose tea and accessories for the gift. First of all, tea or tea utensils must be presentable or at least unique (i.e. vintage Pu-Erh, rare Milky Oolong tea…). Here, in fact, is nothing to add, it is clear that the tea gift has to be well searched for; a box of tea bags from the supermarket is unlikely to be impressive.

When choosing tea gifts for a couple, I would suggest following very simple rule: tea is for men, accessories are for women. The reason is very simple. By presenting a man with a tea gift, you will emphasize his knowledge and ability to appreciate the essence of things. Men appreciate gifts that can be used to direct application, so the result will be the cease of the gift existence and gain of memories that can be shared. This may be manifested by destructive nature of man, but the fact remains, the gifts that can be drunk, men value very highly! ;)

Women, by contrast, more appreciate the gifts that can be stored and used without following the direct application. Tea accessories, for instance, can be put on the shelf then taking off this shelf on major holidays and, unconditionally admired by women, will make a very favorable impression. Equally favorable will be gifts that can be actively used in the household every day, but such gifts should be exclusively functional: cups, mugs, strainers, tea pots, tea cozies...

Happy holiday gift shopping to you! And do not forget to stun the stranger on the street and let her wonder carried away with Christmas Carol…